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The Moses Controversy 

Who wrote the first five books of the Bible? - click the link below.

Children movie: The Donkey No One Could Ride, watch

The Life of Jesus, click here

Jesus' Final Days in Jerusale, click here

Garden Tomb Easter Service from Israel, click here

The Story of Esther, click here

Jeremiah, click here

Genesis, click here

1/15/2022 - is genesis history?, click link below

Where was Babel?

Ancient architecture reveals that many cultures were extremely advanced in their tracking of celestial bodies. During the start of the Post-Flood epoch, one of them sought to build a high tower but was frustrated by God through the confusion of spoken language.

Although there are several Mesopotamian cities called ‘Babel,’ only Eridu shows evidence of an enormous tower that was left unfinished and a mass dispersion of people in all directions —all just before the emergence of the written form of different languages in Southern Mesopotamia.

We filmed a 22-minute segment on the subject of the Tower of Babel with archaeologist Dr. Douglas Petrovich. Click here to watch the entire segment.

Watch the 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire

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